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Hi all,

I have a building that likes for us to use his setups and such.

He has several application that he would like for us to use.

I would like to set things up so that I can automatically load the apps, but only on his projects.

I can create a button, but I can't seem to load the application properly. I'm assuming I don't have the proper syntax for loading multiple apps.

Is this the best way (button I mean)?

Can someone help me with the proper way to load these?

Thanks, jojo (AutoCAD 2006. currently, whenever I load his drawings, I type appload and then select the application (18 of them))

thanks, j

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can you write an appload statement with lisp? dunno, never tried, but would it not look like:

(defun c:myapps ( / ) (appload app1) (appload app2) ................ (appload app18) (princ) )

then just myapps when you work on his jobs?

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Your clients drawings require 18 third party apps? Is this guy addicted to every addon out there? I have never seen a drawing yet that had that many third party apps tied to it. I am surprised your clients' AutoCAD even runs correctly. What are the apps? Are they LSP routines? are they executables that have to run a setup first?

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they are lisp routines... yeah, he could have wrote them differently.. One app is so simple it just draws a line of a specific color.



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You could paste the lisps together in a single lisp. Then you'd only have to load one.

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Michael Bulatovich

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