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if I wanted to set up an alias for a horizontal linier dimension, what would
be my command line?
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The following lisp will allow you to use DH as the alias;
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B. W. Salt.
DIMLINEAR already has an alias assigned to it; DIMLIN. You can lookup, edit and add aliases by opening the acad.pgp file found in the support folder or with the express tool Alias Editor. You can't however specify horizontal or vertical until you've started the command. For that, you would need to use the B.W. lisp routine.
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thx, but it doesn't work.... here's what I get:
; error: no function definition: C:SLD
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Sorry! My Acad is set to use a layer named DIMENSION and the command SLD sets the layer to DIMENSION.
The additional line is:
Change 'DIMENSION' to the name of your dimension layer, if you have one.
This code is part of Jkeys.lsp, which is a series of aliases for a range of commands. It requires some layers to be named to match the code.
If you wish, I could email the full lisp file if you can confirm your email address. Note the comment below about my email address.
Brian Salt. Remove NS from address before replying
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B. W. Salt.

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