Xref... path getting lost

When I was using R14 I would create a set of drawings in Directory "A". This directory, typically, would contain a set of files... details

1-10, a file with the titleblock with attributes specific to the project (this file was xref'd into each of the detail drawings)

When I started a new project I would copy this set of drawings to a new project directory(e.g. "B"), change the attributes in the titleblock file, and go to each detail drawing and edit whatever... The detail drawing would have the title specific to the project (from directory "B").

Now that I'm using 2002, I try doing the same, the drawing either refers to the "titleblock xref file" in directory "A" or cannot resolve it by looking in the current project directory without dettaching the xref and re-attaching it with the new directory path....

I suspect I will have the same problem when I upgrade to 2004/5 HELP!! Thanx in advance for any help

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