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Try doing an *audit* and a *purge* of the drawing you're trying to insert.
Gotta be worth a shot, besides being good practise.
We are having a problem with saving certain drawings. It only happens
> when we insert drawings from one company. I haven't been able to
> figure out what is causing it. We are using AutoCAD 2002 on a variety
> of windows, NT4, 2000 and XP and it happens on all of the systems.
> Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Daniel J. Ellis
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I have had similar problems, seems to come from dwgs from certain sources. I found the problem had to do with layer filters, which don't get purged (except in 2004, I think), and accumulate into your current dwg when you insert dwgs that have layer filters.
Cadalyst mentioned a lisp command that removes all the layer filters, at
formatting link
Click on Services, then ACAD Clinic Archive, look for Aug. 2002 feature "Layer FIlter Overload".
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Tim Davis
Thanks Tim! That was exactly the problem. Here is the lisp routine that deletes all of the layer filters. One thing, if you use this, you will have to save the drawing then close it and reopen it in order for you to see the change.
(defun C:LayerFiltersDelete () (vl-Load-Com) (vl-Catch-All-Apply '(lambda () (vla-Remove (vla-GetExtensionDictionary (vla-Get-Layers (vla-Get-ActiveDocument (vlax-Get-Acad-Object)))) "ACAD_LAYERFILTERS"))) (princ "\nAll layer filters have been deleted.") (princ))
(defun C:LFD () (C:LayerFiltersDelete))
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