Autocad LT2000 slow

Hi there!
Anything with the install of af Autocad 2000LT on a Windows Xp proff, you
shall do, or remember when using a network to save the drawings to??
If i work locally on the XP machine, no problem.... but when i save, and
uses drawing on my network share (Windows 2000 Server AD, where the xp are
members, and logs in to the domain), the autocad works slow, or even stalls
the network works fine, office, and file copy from my machine to the
network, and the other way runs very fast!!
Someone with some help!!
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I just recevied an acad2004lt demo version... it's setup indicates something to the effect that this is the first version whose files are sharable. If this is an indicator, I don't think previous versions were meant to be used over a network.
Does your full version autocad (if you have one) work OK over the network?
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