AUTOCAD Edit files from server or desktop?

When opening autocad files from a server, is it better to open the files
directly from a server to edit OR open the serer files and edit a local
desktop copy of the file????
Ive been told by our IT supplier that autocad files should been copied onto
the local desktop before editing; then at session's end, save the file back
onto the server. Is that the best method with autocad (with the app
installed locally)????
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Ignoring the potential of diminished performance in working across a network, this is an IT/office policy issue, and the answer depends on your office structure. In my experience, the preferred method has been to work on a local copy. Your situation may be different.
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Michael Bulatovich
Supposing two people do that. You then end up with two difference versions of the same drawing. If you work with the sever then the file will be locked against access by another operator.
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