Some users can't save on the windows 2000 server

the problem that i am facing is depicted in the following points...
1. In my company, some users who have limited rights of file creation
only are unable to Save As their files on the Windows 2000 Server, when
they try to save via AutoCAD 2004.
2. These users can normally copy-paste files to Server.
3. Same users save their dwg files successfully on the server via
AutoCAD R14.
4. Moreover, users with modify, delete, copy access can save easily.
5. Users who can't save on server can, no doubt, save on local drives
Many people are being effected by this scenario.
Plz. help me to come out of the problem
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Check the rights of the users/groups on the folder(s) containing the files. AutoCAD never did function properly when the folders were restricted in rights even the the restrictions were not carried down to child objects. -S
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Thanks first, for giving attention.
I have traced that the scenario is the same in my organization as you have pointed out and as AutoCAD restricts. But, do AutoCAD 14, and 2004 both haven't same behavior to copy data over server? as in my case AutoCAD 14 is having no problem, but AutoCAD 2004 has. In any case, is there any way out possible so that we can save our plt files over server via AutoCAD 2004, without changing the restrictions over the files and folders?
For knowing what are those restrictions, please refer to my first post.
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