Mindstorms RCX 2.0 and Windows 2000

I just bought a Mindstorms 2.0 for my son. As I wrapped it up (birthday
tomorrow) I got a little worried by the "Windows 98" requirement, with
mention of Windows 2000. I google and find a whole lot of adverts with
Windows 98 or Windows XP, Windows 2000 not supported"
Will i be able to use this with windows 2000? My son will be
dissatisfied with
the Linux programming environment that is the only alternative to W2K
in our
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just to clarify so you would understand why....
windows 2000 is NT which many softwares even sometimes up to today do not support.
xp only gets away with it because it has this compactibility mode thing that can make installer/softwares think its actually windows 9x instead to certain limits.
I did some quick looking online and the only possible alternative is to use java but its all text based (like with dos) so I'm sure thats also out of thought too?
one far-fetched idea you could possible try would be QEMU (
formatting link
) and running any good cd copy of windows 95 in there and well you get the idea.
wish I could help more but NT-only is NT-only strictly :-|
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OK, just so future googlers can find it, there seems to be no issue at all with win2k and Mindstorms 2.0. (Birthday over, no tears!)
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