Simple Pline but problem!!!

I am a 2D AutoCad 2006 operator and I found something interesting in my
work and very annoying as well.
When I am drawing a simple Polyline which is composed of Arcs and Lines
everything is all right, but when I make this line wider then on the
connection between arcs and lines I have funny gaps.
Does somebody know any function or how to use Pline to not get these

PS. Sorry for my English.
Kind regerds Wojtek
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Break them into separate pieces at the gaps and let them overlap there.
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Michael Bulatovich
Any reason you don't want to join them? Try to fillet with a tiny radius.... OR use this lisp if you have alot of lines, plines or arcs.
(defun c:pp ( / ss) (setvar "peditaccept" 1) (prompt "Select objects to join: ") (setq ss (ssget)) (command "pedit" "m" ss "" "j" "0" "") (princ) )
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I think he has one pline but is getting some funny rendering issues on very fat, very short line segments.
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Michael Bulatovich

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