Drawing looks fine, but when previewed arcs are flipped!

Here is the problem, when editing a drawing for SW2005, everything
looks fine, then when previewing it to print, a couple of the elbows
outlining arcs in a front view are flipped or drawn from where it
should start and end but the other way so instead of a 90 degree arc,
its a 270 degree arc. Why is this, I am using sp0 and it's really
annoying me as I have to save to dwg and then manually redraw these
arcs. I should mention that I am using routing and these are 45 or 90
degree elbows, but not the SW 45 elbows, what I did what just take the
90 and added 30, 45, 60, & 90 configs. all to the same elbow so SW just
used one, so I wouldn't get that prompt for a different elbow every
time I used one. I am printing them High Quality and high quality views
so that can't be the problem. Also, these are cropped views, and one of
the stupid crop lines is showing up on the print, now why whould that
be? I have other cropped views and no crop lines show up. ... (a minute
later), OK, I just removed the crop and now the elbows preview and
print fine, but I need this to be a croped view, why is the crop
getting so screwed up? Is there known problems? I removed the crop and
recropped it, its messed up the arcs again but only when previewed and
printed, strange. HELP, thanks!
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Joe Sloppy
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Figured out what was causing the arcs to flip, a bug of course, but here is how I created it. I have multiple routes using piping and instead of hiding the main route assemblies when creating configurations to detail, I hit all the individual parts by just drawing a box aroud them in the screen and clicked hide, that not only messed up my drawing border because even though I had hide the parts, solidworks was still drawing the drawing border around the WHOLE assembly instead of just what you were seeing, it also messed up some arcs on elbows, drawing them the wrong way when previewed to print. So I went back and unhide each part and just hid the assemblies, now the borders for drawings are right and the arcs for elbow print fine. TIP: Hide assemblies when you can, hiding just at the part level messes stuff up, like your drawing border and maybe lines when printed!
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Joe Sloppy

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