Does anyone know if there is a standard for placing section view
labels, in the plan view to be sectioned. For example, for SECTION
A-A, SolidWorks places the letter A in front of the view arrows. My
past experience, since board drafting days, has been to place the A
behind the arrow, on the same side as the section view itself. I know
these can be moved manually in SolidWorks, but is there a setting to
set this to the default, or is SolidWorks basing this default on a
standard that I am unaware of, perhaps?
Anyone have advice on this topic?
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Yeah, I'm from the same school as you on that. But I quickly gave up on making it fit the old standard. When in Rome.
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Josh, I do not know of any standard that specifies where the section letter "must" be placed with respect to the section cutting plane line's arrowhead. As a matter of fact, in ASME Y14.3M-1994 (Multiview and Sectional View Drawings), Section 1.7 Principal Views, 1.7.3 Identifying Removed Views, it states the following: "To relate the viewing plane or cutting plane to its removed view, capital letters such as A, B, C, etc., are placed near each arrowhead."
In further review of Y14.3, all the examples show the section letters in various locations, before the arrow, after the arrow and at the elbow of the cutting plane line itself. I've seen the location in a variety of places but I will say this, ASME Y14.5M does state that drawings shall be clear, concise and open to only one interpretation, so consistency is key. SolidWorks places the section letter in front of the arrow for ANSI and next to the arrow for ISO, therefore let this default be your companies default. There is no SW setting to change this other than the dimensioning standards that are available. Eddie
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