Is this a common experience or did I just get lucky. . .(drawing views disappearing etc.)

Yesterday I did a change to an assembly that took about five minutes
and then spent the next THREE HOURS trying to get the thing to display
properly on the drawing. Rebuilding takes about five minutes and
it's SW 2007 SP3.1. Went something like this:
Changed the model rebuilt and saved. Opened the drawing it needed to
rebuild (fair enough since I made changes to the model) and several
views disappear. They're still listed over on the left and the notes
are still there but no drawing in the view. Rebuild again. View
comes back but then the partial section set to show only the cut
bodies shows a big slice out of the assembly ie EVERYTHING that the
section line cuts even though the check box is set correctly. Uncheck
the box and recheck it to make sure it "took" (keep in mind anytime I
so much as glance at the monitor the hourglass starts up for a minute
or so) and then three of the six views go red. Rebuild. Detail view
disappears. Get totally fed up, delete all the section and detail
views and recreate them all. Print the drawing BEFORE I do anything
else. Then Ctrl-S to save "needs to be rebuilt" rebuild, views
disappear, finally say f--k it and move on to a different project.
Thank god I didn't have to dimension anything as they were just to
show configurations rather than dimension parts. Asked around the
office and no Solidworks user has NOT experienced this at one time or
another. Any ideas or do I just not have a full appreation of that
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I feel for you, as I've just been going through a similar ordeal. I had views that showed correctly on the drawing but had all the model geometry missing when I saved it as a pdf.
I've also been plagued by the "needs a rebuild" message whenever I try to save it. I get this even if I've just done a rebuild or ctrl-Q. I get a separate message for each level of the assembly!!! I suspect it's something to do with having a mirrored assembly which has one mirrored part. Why this should give a problem, I really don't know.
It just adds to my already strong impression that SWX is the most unreliable software I've ever used.
I've just upgraded to 2007sp3.1 (from 2006) so I'll see if it's any better. I have to say, from reading the "what's new" file, I'm not sure they've made ANY improvements in areas I'm interested in.
John H
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John H
This is normal. I've been through it a lot. I turned this kind of thing in to SW over a year ago. Black hole. No response. We made the mistake of upgrading from SW2004 to 2006 and then 2007. Big mistake.
PS. If you can get the VAR to send it in to SW the only thing that might happen is that they will find the file got corrupted somehow and fix it for you.
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I saw this just the other day... I see it randomly. Try hiding the views in the fm tree and then showing them. It worked for me, but there were no section views involved.
I have big problems with views not printing. They are on the screen, but may or may not show on the print preview. If they do not show on the print preview there is no way to ever get them to print without re-starting SW first. Tech support has not come up with a solution.
Good luck,
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Deb Dowding
Any further resolution on this issue?
I have a drawing in which all the views have dissapeared. Balloons and notes are still there but the model is gone. If I go over it with the mouse you can you can see that the information on the assembly is there, but it is not displaying it. I tried hiding the view and bringing it back to refresh it, but no luck. Rebuild does not help either. It's a fairly large assembly, so i really don't want to go back and start from scratch.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Nick
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a écrit dans le message de news:
Sw06 SP5.1 In some cases, if the assy is created with the parts loaded lightweight, then the parts are hidden in the view properties. Almost always in cut views. Do a right click on the view, and look in the hide/ show components tab (dunno the name in English). I've had frequently all components hidden... WTF???
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Jean Marc

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