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One mod to ProE I would like to see is a "copy view" command in .drw
I often have to show multiple sectional views in a drawing - for
example to show a part in different positions of an assembly. I have
to make each view separately each time, and each time adjust the
spacing/angle/colors of the X-hatching so it's the same as the
previous view. I wish I could just copy a view and make another
exactly the same as it, a bit like a detailed view, only not a detail,
if you know what I mean.
Anyone have any easy ways around this? I have saved xhatch styles and
have mapkeys to retrieve them which makes it quicker but doesn't
always give me the exact hatching style I want across an assembly of
multiple parts.
Can I copy a view from another drawing? I have tried this with "Copy
from another Drawing" but it only copies across the draft entities,
not the view with its associativity.
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