3d to 2d elevations

Hi all,
I have been drawing elevations from 3d points a surveyor has taken out on
site, I set them into 2d views for each face using the ucs so I am drawing
them in what looks like 2d but actually is 3d, some of the walls are curved
so when drawing say arched window headers, I am using an arc that snaps to 3
points one in front of the other, so when viewed from above in plan view the
arc follows the curve of the wall, the problem I have is when these
elevations are finished I copyclip them all into a new drawing using the
datum level so the x is from left to right the y is the heights and the z is
the depth. Now I want to make the elevs 2d by making ALL the z values zero.
Now I know a lot of people have asked this sort of question before but the
methods that were posted don't work with this kind of problem. The
flatten.lsp lisp routine displaces the arcs all over the screen and they
still are not in 2d, the centre vertex is at zero but the begining and the
end vertex keeps the same angle, its just relative to the centre vertex. I
have been using the modify section in AutoCAD 2004 and find I can select the
elevation and make the lines at zero and the polylines at zero and even the
circles go to zero but the arcs and elipses do the same thing as flatten.lsp
except for the displacing bit ( at least they stay in the same place when
viewed in 2d). I'm after something that will do this proerly, sorry this
message is long and hard to understand but I couldn't make it any simpler
thanks in advance for any tips and usefull replies
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HiHo; I have done many years of survey drafting and have no problem with 3d lines ect. The only time there is a problem is with property lines that have to be annotated and a 3d vector is not the same as a legal description of the property line. I insert only the points defining the boundary and connect and annotate in 2d . When viewed in plan view it all is OK.
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