Crashing every time!

A collegue and I are using 2003 sp5. All of our files are stored on my computer which she accesses through our company server. Meaning, she connects to my computer and hard drive through the server. She has been working on some fairly large assy file lately with some parts created in Pro/e that we got from a supplier. She can open, edit, save etc with no adverse effects. When I try to open and save these files however (usually the top level assy or some level 2 and 3 subassy's) I CTD every time. Some times I even blue screen! I am at a TOTAL loss as to what is going or how to solve the problem. Has anyone ever seen this? Can anyone help me figure out how to slay this beast?!


Nick C

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Nick Cruz
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We recently had a discussion in our german forum and could pin one of this kind of bugs to the spaceball driver.

If you have a spaceball connected DONT use wireframe mode, looks like this lets SolidWorks crashes if you try to use the spaceball.

Only solution so far I know: don't use the spaceball with SP5 and wait for 3D Connexion to fix their drivers (which they usually do VERY fast).

If your CTD are not related to the spaceball, I'm sorry, no other idea.

HTH, Stefan

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Stefan Berlitz

BSOD is often a sign of hardware or driver trouble. You can look up the codes that the BSOD gives on the Microsoft web site.

You also want to go through the What to do with a crash pr> A collegue and I are using 2003 sp5. All of our files are stored on my

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