Save ADT4.4 to Acad2002....NO WAY!!!?

We have recently upgraded 4 stations to ADT 4.4 from 3.3. The rest of the
practice still uses 3.3. Therefore we have a problem as all the drawings are
on a central server. If a 4.4 station saves a drawing back to the server the
other 3.3 stations cannot read this file. You would would think that it
would be relatively easy to "Save as" back to a 2000 version...... HOWEVER,
ADT4.4 does not allow this because they say that there are "intelligent"
objects that will basically be destroyed if you save them to an earlier
format, fair enough.
We want to use 4.4 for some visual apps along with Viz Render and these
drawings will not be accessed by any 3.3 stations so saving them is not a
problem. We do though need to open and save older files not adding any 4.4
content but rather just use pure autocad.
I have tried using their suggested work around and not loading up the ADT
menus ect and I get pure acad 2004, where I can save as 2000, however I lose
basic commands such as Osnap properties, Mtext edit doesn't work properly,
and a few other tools don't work that work FINE when 4.4 is loaded, however
they are basic CAD functions. Why does this happen?
Is there anyway of making 4.4 save as 200 dwg format, I know that you can do
it also be setting FILEDIA to 0 and doing it all through text, however this
is time consuming and since the files are on a server, difficult to remember
addresses to type...
I guess basically my question is, "How can I get ADT4.4 to save as 2000
without losing basic Autocad commands?"
Thankyou for all your help.
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Anthony Mitchell
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I think you are missing the point. This is AutoDesk. They have accomplished what they set out to do. Transfer money from your bank account to theirs. You'll take what they give you and like it. Now, be a good little slave and keep sending money.
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