should I upgrade to autocad 2004

I'm using Autocad 2000, and I was wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to
Autocad 2004....... what am I missing if I do not...........
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Why 2004? The current version is 2005. ___
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Paul Turvill
If I never purchased another copy of AutoCAD, 2004 would do me.
With that said, 2005 with SHEET SETS.
I think it is worth the dimensioning in PaperSpace. That my thing.
W. Kirk Crawford Rochester Hills, Michigan
d> I'm using Autocad 2000, and I was wondering if it is worth it to
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W. Kirk Crawford
I don't think you can upgrade 2000 anymore. (Unless they are still running the special amnesty upgrade offer, but then I think you have to upgrade to 2005 and get the subscription plan).
So if you are buying new, definately get the latest 2005. The cost shouldn't be any different than 2004.
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Tim Arheit
AutoCAD 2004/ 2005 are both better than 2000... not much has changed in the way of how they work but they have become much more efficient and faster (in regards to large files/drawings). They are also much more stable and capable of handeling larger file sizes. If your happy with 2000 then save your money.
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Ok Dave, that is what I wanted to know, because my files are not that large....... just small stuff - and I wanted to know what exactly in terms of drawing ability I would be missing out on, from what you said it doesn't seem like I'm missing too much........
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