Anyone else noticed this, or is it my system?

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I have seen in other forums where people were having issues. There is a case here about this issue. I will keep you informed.

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I'm having this problem as well. Have a case open with my VAR but am having a hard time getting their attention (usually they're pretty good).

Anyway, here's what I've come up with so far and maybe you could let me know if these are the same conditions you're working under.

The problem happens only when saving to our server (win 2000), not to my local drive and as far as I can tell, is only happening with DXF files. It doesn't matter the version. It's essentially just writing the file very very slowly. You can watch the file size increase by approx

5kb every couple of seconds. The problem shows with swx 2006 sp0 and sp1, but no problems with 2005 sp4.

While we save most of our dxf files using the API, the problem shows either way. Given the fact that everybody isn't kicking and screaming, I kind of wonder if setting the user preferences through the api hasn't hosed something up.

So, for now, the work around is to save to the local drive. A potential work around using the API will be to write a temporary file locally and copy that to the server.

Anything to add?


-Jason S.

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Jason S.

Sounds like the fix we found. I have always suggested working to your local machine over working to a network. That way I don't have to worry about traffic or loosing my work if the server goes down.

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I moved all of my solidworks data files onto my local machine instead of the network and my crashing stopped. Completely.

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