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When creating drawings from parts, dimensions display with upper and lower limits. Does anyone now how to make the default setting 'nominal'. Thanks Andrea

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Andrea Willans
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tol_display YES - in your drawing .dtl file

tol_mode nominal - in config,pro

Models created before this config setting is changed will not show as nominal as default - therefore if you create a drawing from an older model and change the .dtl to tol_display YES then all the dims will change to limits not nominal - you would then have to select all the dims to change them to nominal - possible on 2000i2 but not 2001 - I haven't checked on Wildfire yet but this mapkey will work on 2001 and Wildfire to 'box' select dims

mapkey $F7 @MAPKEY_NAME Drag Window To Modify Dimensions;\ mapkey(continued) @MAPKEY_LABELModify_Dimensions_Many;#MODIFY;#DIMENSION; #PICK MANY

- I think you can put #PICK ALL in there as an alternative


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Sean Kerslake


tol_mode nominal


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Rui Vaz

Hi Andrea

"In config.pro set tol_display to no for no tolerances to be displayed at all or set to yes and tol_display to nominal if at some point you may wish to display tolerances in your drawings."

I had the same problem, the above was obtained through this group.


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