Paper Space: Setting limits problem

Dear fellow cad users,
ver: Autocad 2000:
I switched to paper space by typing tilemode 0 'enter'. The paper is
A4. When I tried to set the limits from 12,9 default to 297,210, this error
message appeared:
Cannot set paper space limits when paper margins
or background are displayed.
Don't understand the meaning. Background are displayed? How to turn it off?
Paper margin? I am going to set it, how come it is displayed before that?
Explain what is wrong and how to make it work.
Thank you.
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Patrick Chen
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Paul Turvill
The whole idea of limits was to represent the drawing sheet so you could keep your drawing in the page. In paperspace, you have the sheet, you do not need the limits. Limits are a rather archaic idea anyway. I'm surprised that anyone still uses them.
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Patrick, Try this, if your in 2000 or newer go into paper space aka layout. , , In the Layout element box UNcheck Display Margins & Display paper shadow.
hope this helps
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Brian Spillane

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