Release 3.41.0

Release 3.41.0
1. Added logo capability to all printouts. Logos created in Windows bitmap "bmp" format can be saved in the program executable directory, usually
c:\programs\fesizer32, to replace the default Control-Soft Enterprises logo with your own.
2. Added wedge meters to custom meter selection for entering calibrated meter discharge coefficients.
3. Improved noise calculation for gases & vapors by improvement to method of calclating Cf factor.
4. Disabled invalid selection of pipe taps for the ASME MFC 3Ma (2007) with the ISO 5167 (2003) discharge coefficient standard. Valid only for the Spinks/Buckingham discharge coefficient correlation.
5. Grayed out all discharge coefficient selections other than Spinks/Buckingham for pressure restriction orifice sizing. Prevents selecting improper discharge coefficient standard since only the Spinks/Buckingham pipe tap discharge coefficient is applicable to this sizing method.
6. Revised restrictive pressure drop calculation to present differential pressure as differential pressure at flowing conditions and not at 60 deg F or 68 deg F.
7. Issued as Release 3.40.1: Fixed the limits of the Cf factor for the noise equation to prevent divide by zero error in the noise calculation for gases and vapors.
Do you perform, maintain, or review/check orifice calculations for your production plant's orifice flow meters or for process plant instrumentation design engineering for your engineering firm? Then you must try the latest release of FE-Sizer - Orifice Flow Meter Sizing Software...the orifice meter sizing software of choice for many flow meter fabricators.
FE-Sizer has the following new features:
Release 3.40.0 1. Added user defined business logos for all print copys of calculations, calibrations, data sheets, etc. 2. Added noise calculation for pressure restrictive and critical drop calculations for liquids, gases, and vapors. 3. Added Combo List Boxes to facillitate entry of flange rating, type and material and for stud material and nut material for orifice flanges found in the Options section of the orifice meter datasheet.
Release 3.38.0 1. Included password access utility for added security. Release 3.36.0 2. Import/export feature now fully compatible with Version 2.0 files.
Release 3.32.0 1. A.G.A. Report No. 8 Gas Property Calculations
Release 3.30.0 1. Cavitiation detection for liquid flows. 2. Flashing detection for liquid flows.
Release 3.22.0 1. Added calc memo section to project data files.
Download the latest demonstration version of FE-Sizer for Windows, Version 3.0, orifice meter sizing software from the following website:
FE-Sizer is the best in differential pressure type flow meter sizing software available today. It quickly and accurately sizes flow meters using the latest standards and discharge coefficient correlations. The user interface is flexible, easy-to-use, and complete with pull-down menus and pop-up pick lists.
If you have yet to discover FE-Sizer and have a need for orifice meter sizing software, do yourself a favor. Find out how easy it can be to size and document your plant operations orifice meters. Create a database of orifice meters and recall them for update at anytime.
You owe it to yourself to have the best software on the market for sizing and selecting orifice meters. Software Technical Specifications follow...
FE-Sizer for Windows, Version 3.0 - Release 3.32
Flow Meter Sizing Software for Control and Instrumentation Professionals.
Introduction ------------
FE-Sizer is a valuable engineering tool for sizing and selecting head-type flow meters in closed conduits. It is flexible, easy-to-use, and complete with appropriate menus and lists. The software includes meter selection, material tables and pipe data tables.
A table of standard drain and vent hole diameters are available where the user selects the hole diameter to calculate the drain/vent hole correction factor, FDH. These factors aid the user in selecting the proper meter application. Extensive built-in warnings flag potential application and data entry errors.
The program equations, methods and procedures comply with the following standards governing the sizing and specification of head-type orifice meter devices:
ASME MFC-3M (Both 1989 and 2004 Editions) * Measurements of Fluid Flow in Pipes Using Orifice, Nozzle and Venturi
ANSI/API 2530-AGA Report No. 3 (Both 1985 and 1992 Editions) * Orifice Metering of Natural Gas and Other Related Hydrocarbon Fluids - Part 3 Natural Gas Applications
ISO-5167 (1991) * Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices inserted in circular cross-section conduits running full
Part 1: Orifice Plates, Nozzles and Venturi Tubes
ISO-5167 (2003) * Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices inserted in circular cross-section conduits running full
Part 1 - General principles and requirements Part 2 - Orifice Plates Part 3 - Nozzles and Venturi nozzles Part 4 - Venturi tubes
Sizing methods use the iterative procedure described in R. W. Miller's, Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. The discharge coefficient correlations for concentric bore orifice plates include the following standards:
Miller/Stolz equations - ASME MFC-3M (1989) and ISO-5167 (1991) Reader- Harris/Gallagher (1998) - ISO 5167 (2003) Reader- Harris/Gallagher - AGA Report No. 3 (1992) Buckingham - AGA Report No. 3 (1985)
For all other meter types the discharge coefficient correlations are from the ASME standard and R. W. Miller's handbook.
Meter Types -----------
FE-Sizer allows the user to select from the following orifice meter types:
Orifice Plates: Concentric, segmental, eccentric, integral, honed small- bore pipe, quadrant, and conic style orifice plates.
Flow Nozzles: ASME long radius, ASME throat tap, ISA nozzle, and Venturi nozzle with ISA inlet.
Venturi tubes: Machined inlet, rough cast inlet, and rough sheet metal fabricated construction with either 7-degree or 15-degree outlet cones.
Universal Venturi Tubes.
Lo-Loss Tubes.
Wedge Meters - both generic types and ABB proprietary.
In addition, the user may enter custom calibrated discharge coefficients for calculating bores, flows, and differential pressures of custom or calibrated meter run applications.
Sizing Methods --------------
FE-Sizer calculates the required orifice bore, flow, or differential pressure for the following fluid types:
Ideal and non-ideal gases - volumetric flow.
Vapors - mass flow.
Viscous and non-viscous liquids - volumetric flow.
Viscous and non-viscous liquids - mass flow.
Gas and vapor sizing equations may be either Pressure-Volume- Temperature (PVT) or Density form.
Liquid flow sizing equations may be Specific Gravity or Density form.
FE-Sizer includes "critical-drop" flow and bore formulas for sizing restrictive flow devices for gas, vapor and liquid fluids.
Factors -------
FE-Sizer includes special sizing factors important for flow meter corrections. Factors included in FE-Sizer are:
Manometer correction.
Drain and vent hole correction.
Water vapor correction.
Two phase flows - saturated liquid (0.0%-10.0% vapor mass to total mass content).
Two phase flows - saturated vapor (90.00% - 100% vapor mass to total mass content).
These factors correct the calculated bore, flow or differential pressure for specific applications.
Units System ------------
FE-Sizer includes a completely selectable units system through pulldown selection lists that allows the user to change units "on the fly" for any calculated or input variable.
Record Keeping --------------
FE-Sizer allows user to print calculation sheets, data sheets, calibration charts, or meter system uncertainty calculations from an easy-to-use menu system. FE-Sizer saves data records in a retrievable electronic format so future updates to the orifice sizing calculations and data sheets can be made simply and easily. Data records are retrieved using a built-in tag/data listing of the stored information.
Program Features ----------------
Project database and management utilities for segregation of calculations by projects.
Batch print of calculations and data sheets for projects.
ASCII delimited project file import and export to interface FE-Sizer with existing project databases.
Batch calculation mode for automatic sizing of flow elements from fluid data imported from an external database.
ASME steam and water property data correlations using the equations defined by 1967 IPC Formulation for Industrial Use.
Built-in fluid properties database which includes fluid property correlations for liquid and gases for approximately 100 fluids.
AGA Report 8 Natural Gas Properties
Flow meter index printout from within a project database.
Version 3.0 Enhancements ------------------------
The FE-Sizer Flow Meter Sizing software package has many new features that improve the performance of FE-Sizer. Some of the features include:
True 32-bit Windows operating system application compatible with Windows 95/98 & ME Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP (Home & Pro Editions) Windows 2003 Server Windows Vista
Support for long filenames.
Selectable fonts and margins for hardcopy output.
User definable margins for metric paper support.
Easier and more flexible units system allows user to set units for individual calculations instead of an entire project file.
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