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I am sure that someone has already written this. I am looking for a SW program for copying a dimensions properties with one or two clicks. I seam to recall seeing something about this.

for example you have a dim on a drawing that is

7.50 +.01 -.02, x2 then you place a new dim that needs the same tolerance, precision, and text modifiers.

I know one way of doing it is to select all the text with the one to copy is the last selected. Then edit the properties that you wish to copy and it changes all to the same. But that is too many clicks. There's got to be an easier and more accurate way.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Robert O'Neill
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One thing you can do is use dimension favorites. You set a dimension as you wish and then assign it a favorite name. Then apply it as necessary to other dimensions. Go to Help and read a bit - it's not hard to use, just hardly ever used.


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Wayne Tiffany

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