Dimensioning problem?

I am a newby, last week I followed some lessons in the 2004 version.

One problem occured. When I try to dimension for example a rectangle, I get this message:

'The Microsoft Jet-database-engine can't find the table or query ISO_hole_FITs'

and then (after clicking OK)

'The Microsoft Jet-database-engine can't find the table or query ISO_shaft_FITs'

after clicking this away the prog seems to work correctly, so far anyway.

But these alert-screens irritate.

Who can help me out?

Thanks, Reinder

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Reinder Herder
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Sounds like something wasn't installed, possibly with the hole-Wizzard.

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Corey Scheich

I reinstalled SW2004 and the problem is solved. After this I also noticed that in ..\data\databases is a file called 'fit.mdb' in which the requested files can be found. I am not sure it existed first, think not

I guess the problem was caused by me installing SW2004 over the existing SW2003.

Thanks for your help!!



"Corey Scheich" schreef in bericht news:bpiid2$1on91r$ snipped-for-privacy@ID-200385.news.uni-berlin.de...

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Reinder Herder

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