Using "leader" command under dimensioning...

For labelling of our diagrams, we note our text in boxes, and draw
leaders from the object to a box/rectangle (with the enclosed text).
Typically, we do the leader and p-line the box to give it (the
box/rectangle) some depth.
In order to speed up the process, I'd like to be able to automatically
add a thickness to the box around the text, and I can't seem to figure
out how to do it without manually plining it...
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What version of Acad?
Is your box just a pline object?
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Stupid me...Autocad Map 5 (basically Autocad 2000). Let me add some info that I obviously left out after re-reading my original post. The "old" way was to just copy "boxed" (or framed in) notes (basically just text with a p-lined box drawn around it) from one diagram to another, edit the note, and adjust the "box" size around the note. The box would be p-lined to give it some thickness and make it stand out. Then we would draw a leader from the point of reference to the box.
Now, after playing around with the "leader" command, it's faster to just pick the reference point, type in the text, and have the "frame text" option enabled under dimension-leader-settings--mtext options. Now, I could simply adjust the lineweight thickness, but that would increase the thickness of the line going from the arrowhead to the framed text, which I do not want. In a nutshell, I want the box around the text to have a thicker line, and the line going from the arrowhead to the box to have a "normal" line thickness....
Thanks for any help....
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