acad 2000 and XP

OS: Win XP
Regional settings:Croatia...
Did anybody have this problem:
1. - When editing text previously made with the mtext command, I constatly
get the Tahoma open type/true type font, even if all the text is using
txt.shx, so that every time I have to select text and choose txt.shx, and
again,and again,and again...
2. - The second problem is when opening files on XP previously saved on
Win98 (in ACAD 2000 also), I get the R with a dot instead of the dia simbol
3. - Sometimes on the same system and same version, layers get mixed when
using hatch in another layer. (they get the white colour instead of being
:by layer)
If anybody knows about this problem and have solved it, I'll appriciate if
can help me.
Thank you.
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This sounds similar to my problem of all the text in multiline ending up underlined even though I underline just one word. See my post "Unwanted underlined Multiline text in LT"
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