ProE DWG export (II) - ACAD mangles dimension text?

Hello again,
using the trial-and-error method we recently found out
that exported DWG files become _monochrome_ (grey)
when exported via a mapkey... when done manually and
step-by-step the colors stay alive, something important
for ACAD since line thickness is coded via colors there...
To exclude the possibility of an error of ours we wrote the
mapkey again (and again): same effect. Colors vanish.
Isn´t this strange?
Yet not solved is the problem of how to rescue the text in
dimensions, with tolerances etc - which is heavily mangled
by ACAD on any modify attempts. Even a move rotates,
resizes etc. (see former posting).
ProE is 2000i2 (problem seems to exist in all versions).
Any help still greatly appreciated!
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Walther Mathieu
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We solved this problem by creating a (somekind of script/LISP/VB etc.) button in ACAD that "fixes" the dimensions. The problem lies in the conversion of dimesion properties, since there are no options to control how it happens. So the problem has to be solved inside ACAD. The script first explodes the dimension blocks, then modifies all individual dimensions properties (font, scale, text&arrow size etc.) to desired values.
Regards, Mikael
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Hi Mikael,
would you mind to let me know that script or is it top secret? I don´t think the desired values are the same but it would be helpful anyway.
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Walther Mathieu

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