Surfcam Save AS dwg but retain text ?

Have a guy trying to save a dimensioned surfcam file - any format that
mastercam can open - DXF, DWG, Whatever.
No matter what format we try, we can open the part fine, but all text
and dimensions are lost.
Is there a way to do this that we are not seeing?
Thanks - Sean
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Explode all the dimensions into lines. Save them to a separate layer or change them to a different color when you explode them, and you'll still have some control of them separate from the rest of the stuff.
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Charlie Gary
SURFCAM Velocity II supports it.
Export Dimensions and Text in DXF and DWG Velocity II now includes text and dimensions when exporting to DWG or DXF. When saving a file using either DXF or DWG the following text dimension types are now supported:
Linear Dimensions Aligned Dimensions Radial Dimensions Diametric Dimensions Angular Dimensions Leaders Text
** End of shameless plug :) **
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How complex can this drawing be? Why not just print it out, and re-dimension it in Mastercam?
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