Save as DWG - Axis trash

I have just completed a small study to determine why we sometimes get all
kinds of trash when saving a drawing as a DWG. This particular trash is
associated with any part that has an axis in it, and what happens is that
the axes and all of their labels show up and have to be cleaned out.
Through the testing I determined that the bottom line to preventing the
trash is, make sure the SolidWorks drawing file has viewing of Axes turned
off before you saves a DWG. Go to the View menu and uncheck Axes.
If you, for some reason need to have one or more axes show up in your
drawing, here's how it works. All these observations are predicated on
having the drawing View/Axes setting checked, and, of course, one or more
axes in the model. An axis & its associated labels, etc. will show up in
the DWG file if:
1. The axis is visible in the model. Regardless of other settings (other
than described above) it will come through.
2. The axis is either shown or not in the drawing view, but some view
somewhere has an axis visible. Then all axes and their labels come through.
If no axes are visible in the drawing, none will come through to the DWG
Hope this helps someone - wish I had figured it out a couple years ago.
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Wayne Tiffany
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I noticed the same trash wen exporting to DWG. But the trash I had to deal with was related to Sketches. All your scenerios for axi also apply to sketches.
Corey Scheich
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Corey Scheich

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