Having a problem with a small model not rebuilding. If I try to edit a
definition on the part the rebuild bar slides almost all the way and I'm
thrown to the desktop. Won't let me delete a feature either. Is there a way
to tell if the file is corrupt? SW 2003 SP0
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Rudy Kube
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you might try using the REDLIGHT rebuild tool add-in from 'DYNABITS.COM'. this usful little tool makes SWX2004 run even faster because you control when and if the assy/part perform the rebuild. I especially like the 'tada'sound file it plays after a long rebuild. plus it works great with pre-release 2 (2004)
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Navy Diver
Perhaps he was suggesting that Rudy use Redlight to prevent the currupted feature trying to rebuild, thus allowing it to be deleted. It might be worth a try. Rudy might also try suppressing the feature's parents. Once they're all suppressed, the faulty feature could possibly be deleted.
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Dale Dunn

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