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i am a newbie to file says i can export a part to a dxf or dwg file by selecting file save as then set selection of file type to dxf/dwg format, then set options......... my file save as does not have an option for dxf/dwg.....

thanks in advance for any help anyone may be able to offer


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If you create drawing file for your part or assembly, you will be able to export the drawing as a DWG of DXF file. I don't believe you can export a part or assembly directly as DWG or DXF.

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John Eric Voltin

I wholly agree with what John just said.

To add to that though, I believe that there will soon be a 3-d dxf format standardized soon (if it hasn't already). If memory serves, I believe this was one of the things that was "introduced" at SWW2006.

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I believe they are going to debut "3D PDF" capabilities in SW 2007. A

3D dwg or dxf doesnt make sense those are 2D formats.
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Well, they're traditionally 2D, but they've been capable of 3D for years.

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Dale Dunn

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