AutoCAD 2002 and XP

I have been running ACAD 2002 in Windows ME. Everything worked well
except for the instability of ME. I like using a black background
and blue text. Text readability was fine both in model space and in
text boxes. Then I upgraded to XP, which greatly improved my
stability, but now, when I open a text box, the blue text just
disappears! The blue on black shows up fine on the drawings, but not
in the text box. I really don't want to go back to ME.
I'm running an NVIDIA Riva TNT Pro video card with 64 MB of memory.
Is there anyone that knows how to fix this problem?

Charles Linquist
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Lowly Engineer
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So use another combination of colors, perhaps? ___
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Paul Turvill
You probably need to turn off the windows xp feature 'smooth edges of screen fonts' found under the control pannel->system properties->advanced->performance settings->visual effects.
Smoothing/anti-aliasing works well for normal fonts because they have a width to them. But the standard autocad fonts have no real width and thus get so light you can hardly see them.
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Tim Arheit
Go to Control Panel - Appearance - Effects and turn off all font smoothing. Also turn off transparency in AutoCAD - it makes text invisible in the mtext editor. Maybe try a lighter blue also, standard dark blue (5) does not contrast much against black.
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Tim S
That was it! Thank you so much. It would have taken me a long time to find out that one by myself.
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Lowly Engineer

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