Graphics cards who's using what?

HI All
Been a while since I posted hope you've been keeping well.
Looking to upgrade to SW2008 but I'm being told that my 128MB NVIDIA
Quadro 980 XGL are not really up to the job. (Shame I've really liked
them they've been a great work horse to us over the last 3 years)
I know solidworks list recomended graphics cards but just wanted to
see who's running SW2008 sucessfully in the real world and what cards
they're using.
We've 12 seats on 2.8Ghz PC's, 2GB RAM used for plastic component/
sheetmetal design and max 5000 part assemblies and we do currently use
So any real world experience of suitable graphics cards for SW2008
greatly appreciated.
The hardwares do for an upgrade as well. Was thinking of going 64 bit
XP, our IT dept recently upgraded our MRP system and its now Web based
and really RAM hungry (using tab browsing helped a little, shame IT
didnt know about that little gem until we pointed it out to them), and
you guessed it we normally need to have both apps open. So I thought
64bit might enable us to crank up the RAM.
So any one with experience of 64 bit Xp and Solidworks, advice also
greatly appreciated.
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Ken Carpenter
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Hi Ken
I recently changed from 2x2,8GHz xeon with 2 Gig ram and 128Mb Nvida Quadro7, to a 64bit system.
Now 3,1GHz quadro in a Dell Precision T7400 XP Pro Sp2 64bit SW 2008 64bit edition 8Gb Ram 512Mb Nvidia FX1700 and it's fast as hell compared to the old one.
A lot more crashes than with SW 2007 on the old computer but not sure what/who to blame so far. Has DbWorks and it seems to cause some problems. Photoworks also seems to cause some problems, less crashes with PW turned off (have not used the cnversion wizard to convert to 2008-files).
Some minor problems with 64bit drivers for some printers and some other stuff, but I'm handling all that from my laptop (Dell M65) so far.
// Krister
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We use a variety of nVidia Quadro cards (FX1100, FX1300, FX3450, FX3500) and I do not have any real complaints with any of them. I am getting ready to order a Dell machine with a nVidia FX1700 512MB video card. Does anyone have any experience with this card?
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glenn.franck just fine. Had to change driver first thing though as the default driver from Dell didn't work with SolidWorks. Picked the one from SW's website and after that no problems.
// Krister
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