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Hi - we use SW2007 in our UK based Medical Product design consultancy, looking to upgrade to 2008. We will need to replace our aging PC's with something newer, but our budget is tight.

Some of the new Dell Vostro machines look tempting for the price - and come with nVidia GeForce8600 256Mb Graphics Cards

nVidia market the GeForce range for games and photo apps, and the Quadro for CAD

Solidworks website review of graphics cards recommends nVidia's Quadro range of cards - smaller Geforces have been run, but with limitations

Does anyone have experience of running Solidworks on an nVidia GeForce Card??, and any opinions of choosing windows Vista or sticking with XP?

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My home computer has a GeForce 256Mb card and I can hardly open SoliWorks on it. You should definately go for a Quadro card, and stick with XP for the time being...or see thread from Oct 1 (SolidWorks and Vista)

// Krister

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The PC I use for SW 2006 has geforce fx5500 card but I'm replacing it shortly with a new PC fitted with Quadro fx1500 card. Advice given to me from both PC vendor and reseller was go for Quadro.

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Have you tried the Nvidia forceware drivers, Jon? Sometimes, but not always, (for the drunk in this newsgroup), they do work.

Maybe worth a try.

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The Quadro FX 550 and FX 560 cards are under $300 and work just fine with SolidWorks.

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If you are in the UK take a look at


They do refurbished Dell workstations at very good prices.


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