using cheaper video-cards? will nVidia Quadro NVS 280 work OK?

Hi all,

Since I currently run Wildfire with "decertified" videocards (fireGL

1, fire GL 1000 Pro, geforce 2 gts, intel81815) without problems, I was wondering if others of you users are working with other cards than "supported" by PTC, and your opinions on them.

I'm thinking of buying some new systems and am especially interested in your experiences with nVidia Quadro NVS 280 cards or intel Extreme graphics cards.

any OpenGL / AGPx4 or x8/ >64 MB videocard should do the trick, right?

Bastiaan Hubers

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The NVS series Quadro cards are not really 3D cards (I don't think the Intel is either). They're advertized as multimedia cards, and the few people I know who bought them reported dismal OpenGL performance. They (PNY) shoud remove "Quadro" from the name.

You can get pretty good deals right now on the "real" Quadros, FX & XGL series, at least here in the states.

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I think that you can SoftQuadro it and get acceptable performance.

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