Pro/E and Windows 2000 SP4

Is anybody running pro/e on win2000 SP4? If so, have you had any problems?

PTC does not currently support SP4 but I need to upgrade from SP3 to make my network secure from viruses. Win XP would do this but i would need to upgrade to Pro/Intralink 3.3 which i'm trying to avoid.



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Martin Colenutt
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Pro/e 2001 2002180 and Intralink 3.1 on win2000 SP4 from more than 4 months without problems.



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Here: Pro/ENGINEER 2001 2003030 + Pro/INTRALINK 3.2 2002270 on Windows

2000 since six month. Both releases work without problems.
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Johannes Pietsch

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Using Pro/E 2001, Pro/E Wildfire and Intralink 3.3 on Win 2000 SP4 with no problems. Sorry, I don't know my date codes but I just downloaded the latest available Wildfire two weeks ago and it works fine.

The only problem I have had is with video drivers and it was my fault. This combination seems to be quite stable so far.

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Kevin Peterman

Dear Martin,

I installed SP4 and had no-end of problems with graphics on Wildfire. I tried uninstalling the nVidia drivers, but it made no difference. I uninstalled SP4 and hey presto - no more problems. The cut was 2003170. I haven't tried a later cut yet (still on SP3), but now on latest Wildfire download (2003330?). Maybe it's time to try again. There were no problems at all with ProE 2001 though.


Rod Giles Pro/Mechanica Users UK

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Rod Giles

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