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I've bee experiencing problems with Pro/E hanging up in a linked session with Intralink. Basically, after checking files out, then closing down commonspace and the workspace, Pro/E does not respond for at least 40 second and then returns the message 'Foreign program "UNNAMED" did not initialize properly; a communication problem may have occurred." Anybody any ideas - PTC could not reproduce the fault.

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gordon tracey
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I am a long time user of Pro E, but relatively new to Intralink and I have had the same problem. PTC tried to blame it on my computer, but I have a brand new P4 3 gig processor with 2 gigs of ram. I don't think that is the problem. The problem I have had is when I close Common space, Intralink messes up and in some cases goes away. Then your Pro E session gets messed up and you can't even save your work. I have found if I leave my common space window up I don't run into these problems, but if I need to switch to my workspace, don't close common space, just switch to workspace.

I have never had this problem when closing workspace though just common space.

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John Morrison

I don't have an answer but a similar situation. Pro/E freezes on several pc's during the save function when the workspace window is up in the back. If I minimize the the workspace Pro/E functions correctly. PTC says it may be an antivirus software running somewhere.

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Bob Alexander

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