Does SolidWorks run on XP Home, or XP Pro only?

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It runs on both. The differences between the two OS are fairly esoteric and relate primarily to networking functionality.

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Bruce Wirkkala

SW doesn't formly support XP Home, but others have got it to work on it. XP Home is not recommended because it is like using Win 95, 98 and ME...they are all bad memory managers. You will more than likely have more problems with SW than you would if you used Windows 2000, or XP Pro

Regards, Scott

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Home is fine.

The only major difference to XP Pro as opposed to Home is the ability to join a Domain under Pro.

Jay C. KILLSPAM doesn't belong in my email address...

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Jay C.

XP Home may not be recommended but your explanation is untrue.

DOS->WinX.X->Win9X->WinME->dumpster WinNTX.X->Win2000->WinXP->Future Windows Junk

For all general purposes Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Profession, etc. etc. are just newer versions of WindowsNT. All NT variants are good at memory management compared to Windows95/98/ME.


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I have an 2 Xp Pro 1 IBM and 1 maxdata desktop and a Sony Xp Home laptop machine, all new and Solidworks is more stable on the laptop! even the training lessons run on the laptop, which crashed both the desktops! Only 1 of the desktops were on a network. And all had all of the latest service packs and both desktops were recommended by my VAR. If you can, test a machine before buying, because even the brand spanking new Var Ibm's crashed, when using the training lessons!! If buying a machine from your VAR, get a money back guarantee, if you can. The keyboard hole patterning lesson is the lesson that crashes most machines, as your are trying to put small holes into the place where the big holes are. Get your VAR to show you this on your machine, if youir machine does not crash, you have a good one! :-) Hope this helps

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Works just fine on XP Home

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