Help with tx2mtx

I use AutoCAD LT 2000i. I needed a LISP interpreter to run one of
several functions, to combine multiple TEXT entities into one MTEXT.
My LT now does LISP, thanks to David T (dtrotzjr) for helping me find
LT Boost
formatting link
Next I found a couple of LISP programs to do the job. The one I'm
using right now is TX2MTX, available at several locations:
formatting link

It only has one problem. It is supposed to leave the resulting MTEXT
entity on the same layer that the TEXT entities came from.
Instead, the new MTEXT is on layer 0.
I don't know enough LISP to figure out what's happening. I suspect
that there might be a change between R14 and R2000 that is
responsible. Can somebody look at the LISP code and see? Any other
suggestions also welcome.
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Steven, Just change the 2 lines dated 8/6/03 and it should be good to go....
;set the layer and color ;;(setvar "CLAYER" text_layr) rem'ed by Jeff Mishler 8/6/03 (if text_colr;if color in entity list (setvar "CECOLOR" (itoa text_colr)) ) ;erase selected text (command ".erase" sst2 "") ;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;; ;insert mtext ; (command ".-mtext" ; text_inse "a" text_atch "s" text_styl "h" text_heig "w" text_widt text_strg "") ;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;; the following was added by Dave Perry 12/2/98. (setq dp2 (strlen text_strg)) (while (> dp2 250) (setq str1 (substr text_strg 1 250)) (setq text_strg (substr text_strg 251)) (setq dp2 (strlen text_strg)) (setq dp1 (append dp1 (list (cons 3 str1)))) );while (setq dp1 (append dp1 (list (cons 1 text_strg)))) (entmake (append (list '(0 . "MTEXT") '(100 . "AcDbEntity") '(67 . 0) (cons 8 text_layr);;modified 8/6803 by Jeff Mishler '(100 . "AcDbMText")
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