Hi, Please tell me how can I solve this problem.

I am from Portugal. We have some caracteres like (Ç - C- with comma together) When I write this caracteres in a SBT (text editor), I can print this caracteres and everything is well. When I use the command - ? "something and Ç" (Means the Portuguese Caractere C- with comma together,) in a SBP program, I can print this caracteres and everything is well.

But if I use the OUTPUT TO "a.txt" I get a ? simbol, if I open with notepad or winword, but if I open with DOS window, the caracteres are OK. I have the same problem with other portuguese caracteres.

I have been trying SET ANSICONVERT ON or OFF - the same problem I have been trying 0 ANSI character set - 1 The default character set - 255 The OEM character set - the same problem.

can anybody help me?

Thank you Mario

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