SW2004 SP1 video problem in drawing mode

have been using SP 0 for a while, and found it rather instable but at least
it worked well. Now, after updating to SP1 I (we) experience a very annoying
In drawing mode everyting becomes very sluggish. Making detail views,
sections views etc. takes about 10 times as much time as with SP 0 (and I
checked on two systems). But the most annoying thing is that creating /
dragging dimensioning has become such a nuisance that I went back to SP 0.
Dragging a dimension or note makes the dimension flicker of and on like a
bad lightbulb. It takes a second after I select a dimension before it
"sticks" to the pointer.
Even, when CTRL-TABbing from a model to the drawing the model keeps visible
through a completely screwed up drawing window. Only restarting SW help.
It seems to me a video problem. I am not the only one. A mate of mine called
me the other day. Different company, different hardware, exactly same
problem. Also he and his colleagues went back to SP 0, and halted migrating
from 2003 to SW2004 for the rest of the company (and they are a big company
with lots of seats).
I know there is a problem and that is it not just me. But is there a work
around? But e.g. somenone found an OpenGL setting that needs to be changed
or so? We use Compaq/HP workstations, W2K and WXP, and Nvidia OpenGL cards.
SW approved stuff.
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there is a big difference between swx approved stuff and what really works. could you please give is some more specific details about your hardware - mainly video card and the driver. thanks!
-- bob z.
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bob zee
I'm seeing some of the same issues. Running nVidia Quadro4 900 XGL, with driver as noted by the Device Manager, on Win XP Pro. Also, make sure you don't have more than one instance of SW running.
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Wayne Tiffany
I am using approved video card, drivers and computer and experience the same problems. Approved software that works is what we really need.
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Hardware: my system is a HP XW6000 with a Nvidia Quadro4 750XGL, W2K with all SP's, 512 MB RAM, NVidia OpenGL video settings set to SolidWorks, only one instance of SW.
The other system is a Compaq W6000 with NVidia Quadro4 (don't now the type right now). also W2K with all SP's and video settings to SW
The systems they use in my buddies office: don't know, but they vary. Using WXP instead of W2K
Problem descriptions are the same
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Myself and a mate reported this to our VAR shortly after upgrading - it appears that it is known problem and I was advised that it is to be fixed in SP 2. Sometimes it appears to be a case of one step forward and 2 steps back.
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Merry Owen
I am seeing the same issues. I am using an ATI Fire GL 8800 latest driver ( SP1 has been just sluggish compared to SP0.
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No sure if this will help you or not but a friend of mine was having issues on drawing that sound the same as yours. After a lot of experimenting he stumbled upon he fact that if he didn't load his drawing templates that his performance is as it should be. As a workaround until this can be sorted out he is just creating his drawings without templates. Have your tried that .
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