Text appears in all views created from a 3D model

I have a 3D model that I am extracting sections/views from (eg plan and 2 elevations).

After creating the plan and elevations from the 3D model I then add text to each view (in model space), however, the text also appears (as lines) in the other 2 views.

Is there a way to ensure the text only appears in the view it was created in (and not in all the other views as well) or do I have to add all text in paper space?

I also noticed that any new linework added to each view also appears in the other views but sometimes as a diagonal line. I presume this is because the line was drawn in a view created from 3D and therefore can show Z values incorrectly.

Is there a way to stop lines appearing like this?



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you can place it on separate layer & then freeze that layer in each of the views you don't wish to see it in. much easier to just do it in paperspace. if you are not wanting to redo the text, just wblock it out from the model & insert it into paperspace, scale to fit & Voila.

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That's the second "Voila" in a couple of days on this group. Have we all been watching too many of those home decorating TV shows?

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Michael Bulatovich

thanks for that - sounds like the right Voila to me :)

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