Slow DXF file generation in SW2006

Anyone else notice a tremendous increase in the time required to save a drawing as a dxf file? Using a multi-sheet dxf macro, I generate sheet metal flat patterns from .slddrw files that contain upwards of 20 sheets. What used to take seconds in SW2005 now takes several minutes to complete. Suggestions?

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There is a new option for 2006. When saving as .dxf hit the options button and try the option for saving multiple sheets under different .dxf names and see if that helps at all.

The new lightweight options may also have something to do with it. It may be auto-loading your drawings lightweight and resolving them in the background, but complete resolution would be required prior to .dxf export. I believe that 2005 would have been resolving all components prior to your having the ability to even perform the "save as" command.

I've also had invalid printer/paper combinations of drawings cause slowdowns to seemingly unrelated funtions.

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If you are using a macro did you check to see whether there were newer versions of key functions for this?

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Same here. Wow, sw2006 is super slow compared to SW2005.

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