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Here is something I just recently learned and I figure that maybe other people also don't know it.

As we work on a project, we may do one drawing, save it, then do a save-as for the next drawing to do and then just delete the old views. This has the advantage of copying the properties, etc. That's ok, but if you use the view palette, then you may be also copying the file references from the last drawing.

We were finding that to load a drawing with only a small part on it, we also loaded the whole frame wlmt - time & memory lost. I deleted views, blocks, etc. until there was nothing left in order to figure out what was happening. But upon inquiring of SolidWorks, they pointed out that the View Palette was maintaining those references.

The solution is to delete these references by selecting the part in the View Palette drop down list and clicking the delete button.


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