Design Home - AutoCad House Blocks?

I have decided to design my home in AutoCAD.
Where do I get Blocks i.e. doors, windows, bath and kitchen furniture in
plan view.
What happen to the old days of DCA or Softdesk where they had 1000's of
house blocks in the Architectural Add-on? Are blocks available free on the
WEB? I can't seem to find what I need. Can one purchase them cheaply?
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Will Curry
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There are a bunch of imperial blocks on my site that you can use.
BTW, when it comes to buildings, CAD has very little to do with "design". It doesn't generate ideas, prioritize a program, resolve conflicts, coordinate services and structure, recognize bad proportions, refer to cultural symbols, articulate tectonics, prevent condensation, comply with building codes or zoning regulations, plan around furniture arrangements, rationalize spending, optimize orientations, etc.
Then again, neither do many famous architects. ; D
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Michael Bulatovich
A web search should yield literally thousands of blocks, most free of charge. Search for something like 'autocad "block libraries" download'
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I have a disc from Thomas register that has thousands of designs. It is a little old but still very effective. The disc was free of charge. If you want a copy, its yours. Let me know.
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Jim P
formatting link
has all those same files online. It's a good source for lots of stuff.
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A Vienneau

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