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there used to be software called softplan that was easy to use and
comprehensive but i'm not sure if it's still around. the only other thing i
could suggest is archicad.
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Please Help
> I am familiar with AutoCAD and MicroStation for Plan and Profile Sewer and
> road Design. 10 years easy
> I want to draft / design my own home ! What is the best AutoCAD software? >
> Is CADSOFT the best solution? I don't know the software but someone said
> it is easy to draw walls and doors and windows.
> What is the best one to buy to use for typical home construction design. >
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What's the "best" color? (Same answer.)
I'd use what I know if I were you. You're going to have your hands full without having to learn a new program. Intellicad is quite similar to Acad, and can be had for free, or very little $.
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Michael Bulatovich
I don't have a clue how good they are... but there are several "off the shelf" design packages for houses for less than $100.00. They specialize in letting people design their own homes and even have capabilities for estimating. Like I said, I don't know if they are up to snuff, but a look around for sofware reviews might give you some idea. If you want to find the titles go to a site like Best Buy and search under 'architect'.
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A Vienneau

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