Real Architect 2006

Real Architect 2006
Real Architect is now available for AutoCAD R14 through 2006 and AutoCAD
LT2000 through LT2006. Real Architect is a complete 2D architectural
drafting program that runs as an add-on to AutoCAD and retails for $199.00
and upgrades from previous versions are $79.00. Real Architect is very easy
to learn and use, yet powerful enough to produce full sets of working
residential or light commercial plans. It will definitely cut down on your
drafting time, and Real Architect does not create proprietary objects, thus
drawing interchange with sub-contractors is hassle free. They can edit the
drawings with no problem since all entities are simple AutoCAD lines,
polylines, text etc..
The program creates parametric walls, windows, doors, roofs and stairs. The
unique elevation module allows you to draw elevations in a fraction of the
time it takes manually. This is also true for sections. Also included is a
complete kitchen and bath cabinetry module for creating your interior
elevations. Large libraries of appliances, fixtures, electrical and site
symbols, as well as foundation and wall/roof details are also included.
Layer and color controls similar to AutoCAD Express Tools are included as
are site plan layout modules.
For more information check out our website at:
formatting link
formatting link

Or call us direct at (808) 572-8637.
We apologize if this message offends in any way. Hopefully, some newsgroup
readers will find the information useful.
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Jim Padgett
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Spamming again I see.
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CW, I'm sorry that you see information regarding a useful products as spam. We simply send out ocasional news releases regarding our products in order to raise awareness that there are still powerful and inexpensive third party add-on products that run under AutoCAD. I personally like to know about software that is affordable and helps increase productivity. I am curious why you commented on my post when there are so many others that are basically identical in nature? You are certainly entitled to your own opinion and I apoogize if we have offended anyone.
James Padgett
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Jim Padgett
This is not a "news release" as you put it, it is commercial advertisement. This is not a commerce site, it is a newsgroup meant for the exchange of ideas and person to person discussion. If commercial advertisement was permitted in groups like this, it would soon become nothing but spam. You periodically advertise here, against objections and the intent of this newsgroup. That makes you a spammer. I will not do buisiness with spammers, whether they are selling a useful product or not. I am not alone in this. These other "advertisers" that you see here are selling bootleg software. It is clearly illegal in the first place and, since they do not abide by laws, it is unrealistic to believe that they would abide by newsgroup rules.
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