Text over imported jpg does not print

A map showing (white) land and (blue) sea was inserted into an acad2000 dwg
as a raster image (jpg ex-photoshop) and then annotated with black text and
To see the annotations on screen and to print the entire dwg at A4 size
using a Canon BJC 4550, the image was placed at z = minus 1, transparency
turned on and frame turned off, while the annotations were placed at z = 0.
Still, a regen was required to see the annotations on screen.
However, upon sending the same dwg to a commercial HP Plotter, only some of
the text and linework over the land area of the image appeared while none of
the text and linework over the sea area appeared. While the annotations over
the image were plainly visible on-screen at the printers, the printer was
unable to offer an explanation as to this outcome.
Any suggestions as to the cause of this problem to a remedy would be greatly
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Um the "z" coordiante is not what controls the plotting or display relationship. Put everything back to "0".
Go to menu item "Tools"/Display Order/Send to Back; 'command promt will ask you to select what you want to bring to the back. Select the image by clicking on the edge of it. If that doesn't work use the Bring to Front command and draw a "window" to include a selection of all the entities (BESIDES the image) you want to have be displayed on the Front of the image file.
Remember if you move or alter the image file, or dwg file it contains, you may have to do that again.
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Glenn Ogreenc

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