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I have a Jet belt/disk sander, model JSG-6. It has a 6x48" belt and a 12" disk. Recently I was given an industrial cyclone-type dust collector, a DustKop Model 520 in good shape, needing only a new filter. I have just stared at these items for quite awhile, and finally I need to ask: how in the heck can I hook these together? The Jet says it has 3" ports. One of them looks like it's 3". The other one isn't even close to round, it's squished all sideways. I'm figuring *maybe* if you found something that would fit in the other one and then flattened it just right, it might fit in the squished one.

I took some 3" PVC pipe and tried it on the round port. Neither one went into the other. They both appear to be about 3" ID and maybe 3.25" OD.

The port on the dust collector is supposed to be 4". I got a commercial 4" to 2.5" adapter and tried it. Didn't fit. Again, neither went inside the other.

I don't get dust collection systems. Is the ducting supposed to fit into the port or over it? My belt/disk sander has 2 ports but the DC unit only has one. What kind of Y fitting should I use?

I feel like a babe in the woods. I tried googling and found a million woodworkers but no one seems to have connected to a belt/disk sander.


Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington

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Grant Erwin
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There's information here about connecting dissimilar ports, forming PVC, etc. You'll have to dig around a bit.

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-- Mark

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Mark Jerde

I would try the plumbing department at HD or Lowes. All kinds of PVC connectors. If your sander connection is the same as 3" PVC, a 3" coupling should do just that; couple them. They have wyes and reducers to connect different sizes.

If you need any flex, look at the stuff RVers use to dump their tanks. Also the valves because if you get to many open ends the air flow will slow quickly.

I would think that running from your sander to the DC, you would want female end toward sander.

You can easily form PVC by heating it. I use a heat gun made for RC airplane covering film. You can stretch and shrink.

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andy asberry

After a lot more digging, I found that I need an "oval to round adapter". I found a few suppliers of these in sheet metal, but none at all in dust collector accessories. I think maybe a piece of 3" ducting will just clamp over my 3" port (although it is a full 3.25" OD). I know you can soften plastic pipes by heating them in boiling water or with a heat gun or even a propane torch if you're good (and don't mind the fumes) but I've never done it and it seems like you shouldn't *have* to.


andy asberry wrote:

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Grant Erwin

I believe you're supposed to put hose on the fittings. The 4" connection on the DC unit itself would get a 4" hose that might go to a Y adapter that has two 3" inputs and then you can use 3" hose to connect to the ports on the sander. You may even be able to deform the hose to fit the odd connection you mentioned.

For hose and connectors and more info go to

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and click on the Dust Colletion link on the left side of the page.

Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com

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Keith Marshall

I had basically the same problem while creating my cornblower. I found that a road cone provides an excellent adapter .It gives you an infinate combination of shape & size between 2" & 10"

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Get yourself down to the Home Despot and buy a box of Dryer hose and some hose clamps. It crushes pretty well if its larger than the output port. The aluminum stuff works pretty well too. I see this in use all the time in machine shops hooked to bench grinders with a dust collector feeding 4-6 large grinders


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be something you need there. They have a dust collection handbook that might be useful. Randy

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Randal O'Brian

Hi Grant,

My JET grinder has the weird ovel dust ports also. Tried the heat and form plastic pipe route without much luck. One day while doing a plumbing project, I noticed the flexible couplers in with the supplies. These are a short lengths of fairly firm rubber hose with hose clamps on each end. You can press one end over the oval port and still have a round port on the other end. Very simple, and around $4.00 each, clamps included. Add a few bits of plumbing adapters and maybe a turned plywood disk to take your vacuum hose and life gets pretty good.

FWIW, I found using a central dust collector with the disk/belt sander was not as effective as using a fair sized shop vac. Seems the fine particles come off the work fast and tend to overshoot the high volume low pressure area at the end of the belt. The flow isn't that great through the dust shroud, so a higher vacuum seems to work better.

Love the central dust setup for the planer/tablesaw/router table, but not for the sander.

Cheers, Stan Grant Erw> After a lot more digging, I found that I need an "oval to round adapter".

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Stan Stocker

at the local lowes there is a little section in the tools erea with the dust colletion stuff. but if it were me I would use single wall metal vent pipe. my dust collector came with a bunch of flexible plastic pipe and connectors look at the jet website

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by the way medium size coffe cans are the right size to go inside the black flexible hose... Happy Hunting archie =) =) =)

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