To my friends....

Well, apparentyly I made it through TWO major (high dollar) hurricanes
in the last three weeks. Must not have made the National news as I did
not hear from any of my friends. Not to worry, all is well. I do sort
of feel like that third little pig though, you know, the one in the
brick house. When Charlie came through, it was quite windy with very
little rain, not unlike a very rought thunderstorm (Florida style). I
had about zero damage, and did not even lose power (or Dish Network).
The same can't be said for people just 22 miles east. Major damage in
some of the older but still ritzy places in Orlando. Cow-town
(Kissimmee) pretty close to Disney was just about destroyed. A good
many of the 70 or 80 year old oaks just could not take the 105 mile an
hour sustained wind. It seems when they fell, they either took out the
power lines, or part of a house, or both. Many of the older streets in
Orlando, and Winter Park (suburb) are lined with these old oaks that had
been protected during various construction and development projects. Oak
trees in sandy soil don't have a very good root support. At smaller
sizes this is not a problem, but when the trees get large...... the
roots just can't support this tree when it gets wet and blown around by
the wind.
Frances came in looking like a really bad, bad storm. It was quite large
in physical size also. It looked like this would be the storm that
central Florida has anticipated/feared for so long. It has been our
destiny, so to speak, to finally get clobbered. To make matters worse,
this storm was very, very slow. When Charlie came by, it literally
traversed the state in just a few hours. This storm, due to its size
and speed (lack thereof) would take in excess of 30 hours to totally
pass..... that is until it just plain stopped moving. It sat off of Palm
Beach (roughly) for hours and hours, stationary. It was just spinning
and spinning. Tossing out feeder band after feeder band. Each one
bringing some rain, and really stout gusts of wind. We were on the bad
side of the storm. We were going to be NE of the eye when it finally
passed. The only good thing so far is that this storm died before it hit
land. It dropped from 145 mph to just over 105 mph. At 105 mph, my
house should take a little damage, but be ok. Winds of 145 mph, well, I
might not be here to write this letter. Well, this side of the storm
did not bring the rain that was anticipated. That was good. We seemed
to have faired well. Then as the storm passed, we began to feel very
high winds. Much higher than before. And much more rain. The rain was
sideways, and the wind was nearly steady at 60 mph. This lasted for
about 10 hours. This was truly the worst of the storm (for me). I
checked out the house today, and all is well.
Now it seems another Hurricane is headed my way, and while still
early... it is heading directly to the state of Florida. Current models
show it hitting Florida on Sunday, or Monday. Currently it is a
catagory 3 storm. We had three named hurricanes in August that went on
to hit the state of Florida. Now, we have another in September that
appears to be earmarked for Florida. In the last 3 weeks I have had the
eye of two hurricanes within 30 miles of my house. I am beginning to
think this is personal! (grin)
Anyways, all is well here, and I hope the same is with you and yours.
Bob and Kay
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Excelent. The news can't bring that kind of info on a hurricane. mk
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Excellent, and thanks for that. I have friends somewhere near Orlando.
The news over here (UK) did in fact show a lot of what you describe.
Plus a mass funeral in Russia. Not a good week.
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The Natural Philosopher
We were very fortunate here in Bonita Springs. Lots of beach erosion, some trees down but very little structural damage. My prayers go out to those who truly suffered through these storms.
We now await Ivan with bated breath.
Best regards,
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Herb Winston
And that is one of the saddest things I have ever seen unfold. I was happy to see in our local paper an article where the muslim (not capitalized on purpose) militants were being chastised verbally by a regular everyday Muslim person. These acts are deplorable, and things need to be done to deal with these individuals..... I don't know what that is, but something needs to be done, that is for sure. Just letting them be isn't the solution, of that I am also sure.
PS. Also, this was a letter I was sending out, but Netscape bungled the delivery!
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For starters the "regular everyday Muslim person(s)" can do more than chastise their militant brothers. Or maybe there are just not enough "regular everyday Muslim person(s)" all that anxious to bring a stop to the wanton murder of infidels. -- Red S. "I speak the truth, not so much as I would, but as much as I dare; and I dare a little more as I grow older." Montaigne
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Red Scholefield
Bob and Kay! I feel your pain! While Charley missed us completely even though it was originally supposed to hit us dead on, Frances wreaked a bit of havoc in our area. Power lines down, flooding, the typical mobile home damage (why in the hell do people still live in those things?!) etc.
We're in Land O' Lakes, FL, just above Tampa. The eye of Frances went right over us. The weather was actually worse the next day as the storm moved out to sea! Go figure, eh? I have three homes. The one in Land O' Lakes where we live, a waterfront Condo in New Port Richey, FL and a waterfront house in Tampa, FL. At one time, Charley would have taken out all three if it hadn't turned.
Now here comes another one. This is gettin old! For all my friends that called to ask if we were alright, thanks! Jim
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It will take all of the good Muslims to stop the terror. They must rat out the terrorists themselves. Otherwise, they will ALL continue to be branded as bad guys as some of the Rambo Republicans would have us believe.
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More by the day Red. Give it time.
The experience of northern Ireland is significant.
If the only choice you have is between a perceibved foreign enemy out to suppress you and a perceived bunch of terrorists who at least are on your side allegedly, its a hard choice to make.
Providing an alternative as well as infiltrating the IRA proved the two edged sword that has probably stopped the Troubles, plus of course Bill Clinton finally working out where all those Boston raised funds for 'our families in Ireland' were REALLY going....
In a sense you have to let the militants do their worst, to get the majority on side for something saner.
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The Natural Philosopher
It has, Ed. Does anyone remember hearing about the Crusades? Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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Right on Red. If the radical muslims are indeed in the minority, then where is the outrage from the majority of muslims?
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Give it time? How much? They've had more than 57 years! Since the birth of Israel. How many more years and ass whuppin's will it take?
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Not branding them as bad guys. They brand themselves with their silence! Kind of reminds me of England 1939!
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Bob wrote": "The same can't be said for people just 22 miles east. Major damage in some of the older but still ritzy places in Orlando. Cow-town (Kissimmee) pretty close to Disney was just about destroyed. A good many of the 70 or 80 year old oaks just could not take the 105 mile an hour sustained wind. It seems when they fell, they either took out the power lines, or part of a house, or both. "RBarkus" I live in the area you are talking about, Bob. I'm on the south side of Orlando in the Hunters Creek area that is right on the Osceola (Kissimmee) County border. Things aren't the best around here, but not as bad as you might think. The worst problem for most is the leaking roofs. Many homes had shingles and a few plywood sections blown off their roof from Hurricane Charley. Some had trees poke through their roof. I personally had 3 oaks blown over on my property. One leaned on the house with no more than gutter damage and the other two just made a mess. I also lost quite a few screen panels from my pool enclosure and two fence sections blown over. But I'm very lucky compared to some neighbors right down my street. The biggest problem I can see around here after Hurricane Frances are the temporary roof tarps from Charley were blown off or apart by Frances and after 30 plus hours of torrential wind blown rain the water caused their ceilings inside to soak and fall down. Two houses on my block are condemned and many have some rooms destroyed, but are still livable in other parts of the house. Downtown Kissimme lost a few store front glass windows and Main St. is litterd with many downed trees. But the largest loss of home and property is in the mobil or "manufactured" home parks or neighborhoods. It seems that any time there's a tornado or microburst they are magnetically drawn to mobil homes. Again, why anyone would not hurricane-proof these mobil homes, especially here in Florida, or better yet why anyone would live in one here is beyond me. I guess we are lucky in the long run. These storms could have been much worse than they were had they not weakened before they got here. Now we have another threat of Hurricane Ivan on the way that has a record for how strong it has become relative to its position. The hope is that the forecasters are correct and it may skirt south of Florida and wind up in the Gulf. But it could curve back to the northeast. I did shutter my windows with plywood last week for Frances. I think I'll keep it up till hurricane season is over (Nov 30.) I paid enough (can you say "supply and demand") for these sheets of plywood, I might as well get my money's worth. For all of us here in Florida lets hope we don't see another hurricane this year or any other for that matter. And for the rest of the U.S. I hope you don't have to live with such an omnipresent threat like we're going thru right now. Good luck to all. Howard
P.S. Right on Red
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Glad to hear that all is not gloom and doom in Florida. You may yet dodge the Ivan bullet as it is early and the models are having a hard time with it.
BTW are you by any chance a fellow Weather Guesser? Your narrative sounds like you are.
Jim W
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Black Cloud
To my friends that survived - glad you are able to post and let us know, some of us have been concerned. Hang in there.
Jim Branaum
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(i)not being reported
(ii) buried under a plehora of other things like straying alive
(iii) they haven't heard about it anyway.
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The Natural Philosopher
Firstly I wasnt talking to you.
Secondly, if someone carved out a chunk of Texas and gave it to a bunch of radical religious fundamentalist muslims, and told the existing texans to like it or lump it, how would you feel?
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The Natural Philosopher
If you are old enough to remember that, you wouldn't say that.
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The Natural Philosopher

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