Help needed to import a scaned image

Hi Troops!
I need to import a image of a "Smith Chart" into either AutoCad R14 or
AutoCad 2000. This is what I have done so far:
1. Printed the chart from a Adobe pdf file.
2. Scanned the image into Adobe home photo shop
3. cleaned the image up
4. Saved the image as a "jpg"
5. Imported the image into Microsoft Word 2002.
Now I am lost as to what I should save it as. Any suggestions on anything? I
am truly lost. Thanks in advance to all that can assist me.You may send
replies to my email of: if you want to.
Frank Thomas
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Frank Thomas
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Why worry about Word? Just put the JPG into Autocad.
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Stop at step 4.
In R14: Insert, Raster Image, Attach, , OK.
You might find the image to be very small, so either scale it to suit or scale it during insertion (you are given that option).
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B. W. Salt.
We used to do a lot of scanning of drawings. We would save them as either .tiff, or .cit. There are advantages, and disadvantages for each. But they could easily be imported into an AutoCad dwg.
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